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Originally Posted by modestmoose View Post
I just had four new tires installed on my 2007 Corolla and the technician installed two p195/65/R15 Bridgestone Insignia SE200 89Ss and two 89Ts. The little I know about tires tells me that the S/T refers to the speed rating. I also found that the 89Ts are manufactured in the US and the 89Ss in Japan. The technician claims that the 89T is the latest model and is better in every way. Does anyone know which of these two tires is better, or is there any difference? Does one have a lower rolling resistance rating? I am going back tomorrow to exchange out two of the tires, should I have them put on two new 89Ss or 89Ts? Thanks ahead of time for your help.
According to Tire Rack, there are 3 versions of 195/65R15 BS SE200's - and the one from Canada, and the US are not labled LRR, but the one from Japan is.
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