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Well, I'm bumping this thread because I'm back.

I sold the mk4 jetta, and the air-ride (took a little longer then expected) and now I'm back in a car worth calculating fuel mileage for. (I had a beater over the winter)

The new ride is a 1997 jetta, super low on coil-over suspension, 1.9IDI diesel motor with a garrett t3 turbo, and a 2.5" turbo-back straight pipe exhaust.

Originally the car made about 70-75 HP, now we're guessing it'll make 100HP when it boosts ot 30psi or more.

Providing I keep my foot out of boost above 15psi (so hard because its so fun) I'm hoping I can get some pretty decent numbers out of this car in terms of mileage.

I'll have a bunch of pictures after this weekend. Its going to be in a rather large, local, VW only car show on Saturday, and I'll be going on a ~250km cruise accompanied by ~150 other VW's. I doubt I'll get good mileage out of that trip...

Anyway, I'm looking forward to getting back into the performance/fuel efficiency game!


the car sees 130km/h daily.
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