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Cheapo lowering...

Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
Since you've raised the car slightly with the oversized tires, what about dropping it slightly to compensate?

I know others squirm when this technique is mentioned, but the old-school method of chopping off half a coil at each corner may work (depending on the spring / coil seat design).

I did see that you don't want a "lowered" ride, but returning to stock or slightly less may help slightly.

PS - the smoothies look great!
I thought about the old school cut a coil trick but was told by a very knowledgeable Toyota Nation member its not doable due to the way the coil springs on the McPherson struts seat.

Just replaced the rear struts with Monro Quick Struts which added another 1/2 in height from the saggy old strut height too!

Then I thought, mmmm, remember how we used to add rubber coil spring extenders onto the rear springs when we were young? The basically fit in btw the coils and you got 4 of these rubber rectangles with fitted ends. Jammed 2 of the at the top and 2 at the bottom btw coils and it was the cheapo method of raising the rear or the car.

Front coils are soft as the struts are original. Easy to push down on car and lower it a inch or so. How about I take some of the heavy bungee shock cord I have from my old Hobie Cat and simply use it to compress the front coils? LOL
Its like 3/8 inch thick. I bet I could get it to lower the front a inch easily by wrapping it around the front coils several times so there is always downward tension. When I hit a bump and the spring recoils the bungee will have some stretch to it and give without a problem anyway.
I figure I can try a few wraps and road test it over bumps, cornering, braking and see how it handles. Add or remove some wraps until it lowers the front enough to remove the new added height.

Dam, SO need a garage. Dont currently have one or I'd try this right now.

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