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Parts List Rev2c

Hello all,
I got my boards and processor from Paul and I'm ordering parts using the Wiki list. Some parts are backordered until december (Digikey), some are discontinued (Digikey). So i'm asking for help with finding or substituting for the troublesome pieces.

Mosfets- the 200v 130a units are backordered until december. It looks like Digikey may get some 150v 171a mosfets this month. How would these work? I'm designing a 96v car, but i want to have at least 120v as an option.

Big Power Capacitors- backordered. Were the ts-ed series chosen for low esr? How important is that? What kind of fudge factor do I have when looking for substitutes (ESR value isn't always listed)?

Fast Diodes- 200v 30a backordered but I found some from a Florida vendor on eBay.

19v voltage supressor- discontinued. How important is the amp rating here? This one looks really close. Slightly higher voltage (19.8) and 19a
Won't let me post link (noob), part is Mouser part# 576-p6KE22 by Littelfuse.

Metal polypro CAP 2.2uf 250v(power board)-. mouser has for a buck more each. Why can't we use the aluminum electrolytic caps here? What's the advantage? Just Size?

I'm assuming everything should be temp rated to at least 105C.

Lastly, what is that riding the turtle smilie all about? I have no idea how to use that.

Any illumination would be greatly appreciated.


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