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Oh $350 is too much, but those stinky little monsters at Advanced Circuits only allow me to go through them when I use their free software. That's the main reason I want Eagle. So I can make Gerber files, and then send the board to a place like SparkFun.

As for backorder stuff:


I don't know for sure that those mosfets would be a direct drop in replacement. I think they are better, but their gate charge is higher. I'm fairly certain they would work just fine.

Low ESR is really important, as well as high ripple current capability. Also 105 degC rating. There are others that work just fine. I think Ebay has some that work well. From Cornell Doublier or something like that. I believe jackbauer and jyanof know about that.

A few polypropylene caps are just there for absorbing high frequency voltage spikes. It's important that they are polypropylene too. Their ESR is super tiny.

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