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Starting MPGuino quest

Hello all!
I stumbled onto this forum after looking at a Scangauge and realizing it wouldn't work with my '95 Civic. I discovered the MPGuino project and it dovetails nicely with my penchant for DIY. About time my car was modified.

I have read many threads, poured over the wiki and google group, but still have a question that's made me very confused.

I get the impression that the latest version of MPGuino (0.86?) cannot be used with a stock arduino (point 3 under framework in this thread: Am I reading this correctly? I have an Atmega328 here which I planned on using for this project. I could easily program it in an arduino, but if it doesn't work that way, I'd need to make a programmer.

Also, I'd like to put this together on protoboard and put it in a custom enclosure. There's nothing on the schematic (Picture) that should stop me is there?

Thanks in advance!

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