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When I got pulled over the 2nd time (first I'm sure was because of out-of-state plates and a temporary permit that just expired, just a verbal get it taken care of.), the first thing the cop asked was, "What's that thing on the back?" I told him it's to reduce drag and improve fuel economy, and it doesn't block the use of my rearview mirror. Apparently, it was good enough. I got pulled over for not signaling 100 feet before a turn (I wasn't sure where a building was that I needed to get to, but it turns out I turned right into it's parking lot). He let me off with a warning.

Hopefully I can keep my record spotless.

Also, my sister got pulled over in her 86 Mustang for the license plate light not being visible from 500 feet.

Awesome job on the boattail, though. Is there any way to get to the trunk, or was it forsaken? My current partial kammback is as long as it can be, because I still need to use the trunk. Well, until I get some extra time and money, and I can design and build a hinged kamm.
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