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Awesome Junk car Riessmachinist!!

How much did you end up spending in total?

Originally Posted by reissmachinist View Post
The control had been shutting down from over heating after about 2 miles and I
would have to set and let it cool off.
Today I drove the furthest, about 5-6 miles. Finished strong. Stayed with traffic 30 mph.
Didn't over heat.
The controller must have had very little external cooling before the fans. Thermal limiting comes on at 85C (185F) and full shutdown at 100C (212F). I believe this makes you the first person to test thermal limiting in use. I have done tests while helping with the firmware, But I had to heat the controller with a heat gun to get it hot enough to start limting.

Originally Posted by reissmachinist View Post
I am connecting the 96 volt armature pack,
the 24 volt shunt field pack and the 12 volt battery all in series for 132 volts.
How are you controlling a SEP-EX motor with the revolt? Best I can figure is you are providing constant power to the field and varying the armature. Is this right? If so, Jack Bauer has a firmware for the controller to specially control a field like this. It uses one of the left over pins on the ISP programming port to turn a contactor on and off for the field. It would need some slight modifications to work right with SEP-EX, but nothing hard. The only problem with having the field energized all the time is, you have basically created a PM motor. This means it will try and regen when you are coasting.

Originally Posted by reissmachinist View Post
I don't really under stand what I was doing, but I played around with the controller
settings and got a little more zip and responsiveness than with the default settings.
Joe's settings for a impulse 9 would cause the control to run at reduced hertz if I depressed the throttle hard.
First, How are you changing settings on the controller? Are you using my program RTD Explorer to monitor the controller and change settings? With it, you can graph in real time all the currents and temps.

As for adjusting, You want to use RTD Explorer to watch the CF and CF lines and make them match as close as possible, by adjusting Kp and Ki. You want them to track as cose to each other as possible, with very little or no over/under shoot.

You can also adjust c-rr (Current Ramp Rate) to a higher number to increase acceleration.

As for using joe's settings, This was not causing the controller to run at a reduced frequency. The controller does not change frequency ever. What you probably heard was hardware over current limiting. Did it sound like a growling noise?

Well Great work. I cant wait to see some pictures of all this!!

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