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more subaru project

The subaru was $70, the internal spline in the front hub was stripped out.
I had a spare.
The control parts were about $450.
4/0 welding cable was $30
The motor was bought from Airborne Sales in Calif. in the Late 70's for $125.
Batteries were $8 each.
Everything else probably didn't add up to $50.
Now realize that you don't just go shopping at the junk yard and are able to
buy all of this stuff at once. You have to think long term and buy when it
shows up and squirrel it away for the future.
The control is in a metal tool box with the bottom removed to expose the
8 x11 alum plate. Before, it was positioned in the spare tire well with the
alum plate on the bottom. There was spacing for air flow.
Now it's upside down with the fins and fans on the top.
Yes, I am supplying a separate constant 24 volts to the field. It's controlled
by a toggle switch on the dash. Sometimes I turn it off when
coasting, decelerating.
I used your RTD Explorer, neat watching the graphics scroll by.Would
Hyper terminal work for just changing settings?
Is battery amps 0-511 the software protection setting for upper limit amps?
How many amps is n=511?
The growl, I mistook for the same as the irritating curtiss controller whine
heard under some conditions.
My pre charge resistor is a miniature 110v 7w bulb. takes about 10 seconds to grow dim. Needs to be changed to 15w or more to be quicker.
I took pictures this evening for this posting, but discovered that they first need
to be uploaded to somewhere that they can be linked to.
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