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I don't like most reusable air filters.... Check out

Some people use more airflow as a filter metric... But really, that's terrible. A filter's job is to filter - that's it. IIRC, K&N's tag line used to be (or still is) "Proud to Suck Dirt." Personally, I don't want my filter doing that

Well there is a clear pattern on filtration ability compared to both flow and the type of filtration media used. The "high performance" cotton gauze and foam filters do not filter as well as some have claimed. I actually received an e-mail from K&N stating their filters filter within 99% of the OEM filters. This may be true, and 1% may not sound like much. I contend that 1% over many miles, may be important. Really, it is up to each individual to decide. The poorer flowing filters, remove more particles, and the better flowing filters remove less particles. If you think about it, that conclusion passes any and all common sense tests, so it is not surprising. There are many that will be shocked by the results, that should not be though. I've used high performance filters in the past, and I might again in the future. At the same time, I know that the stock OEM type filters perform very well in filtration and don't inhibit flow nearly as much as some think.

And my last point.... If you're outflowing your stock filter - you're probably not driving ecomodder style

EDIT: And holy crap - $20 for an air filter! Mine is $10.03
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