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I just registered and haven't perused all the topics, but in the reading I have done, I have noticed a total lack of reference to two aero tricks I have used since the 70s on various vehicles for both performance and economy gains. Vortec generators and ducting. Vortec generators are very easily made & installed and, in my experience, quite effective . Ducting is a bit more work, but is even more effective for relieving hi-pressure areas & moving the air to low-pressure areas. A combination of these two tricks can make a blatantly un-aero vehicle more slippery then anyone would believe it could be. On a 1990 Mitsubishi Montero, using small vortec generators on the front edges of the hood & frt fenders, Windshield posts and at the rear of the roof & r/quarters, I was able to consistently obtain 19/20MPG on cross country trips between Michigan & southern California running at speeds up to 100 mph & rarely less then 75. I was also pulling a small trailer at the time.

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