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Talking 2010 Nissan Cube in the neighborhood!...

Just joined up here last night after browsing the forum for a few days. Found it via in fact.

As it says in the title, I have a Cube that I bought new back in January. I drive roughly 112-118 miles a day, 100 miles on the highway and 12-18 in town. It had 50 miles on it when I got it, now I'm at 12,080 miles. I've been running Amsoil Signature in it since 8k miles. I did the first oil change at 900 miles with regular oil, then again at 3000 miles. I switched over to the Amsoil Signature 0W20 at 8000 miles. Somewhere around this time, I also replaced the stock 15x6 steel wheels to aftermarket 15x7 aluminum wheels. The stockers weighed in at 15.6 lbs each. The new ones weigh in at just over 12 lbs each. It's not a major improvement, but it was a noticeable improvement in acceleration. I'm running the stock Toyo A20 195/60-15 tires which Nissan claims are LRR tires, which oddly enough I can not find any information on, even on Toyo's site!

Since browsing both forums, I've applied a few tips to my driving style and my Cube. For the Cube, I first raised the tire pressure from the recommended 33psi up to 40. I didn't notice much of a change if any, so yesterday I bumped them up to 50psi. The max sidewall is 51. After bringing them up to 50psi, I noticed an improvement in ride quality (I like a little firmer ride), but it's also smoother if that makes sense, turn-in is crisper, and steering input feels better. I can tell that it takes less effort to start rolling and that it wants to roll on its own longer now.

I just ordered a 10 pack of VG's that I'm going try, just to see if they do anything for my car. I'm also going to try changing my driving techniques to get better FE. I'm going to start looking into adding some tire/wheel spats front and rear, possibly even adding some paneling under the front and rear bumpers to smooth out the air flow. I'll eventually lower the Cube too, about 1.5" all around. I might even look into making the fog light "cups" smoothed out flush with the rest of the bumper, or remove the stock covers and make some kind of engine compartment or brake vents/ducts out of them as well as possibly doing a partial grill block.

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