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1) I have build the whole setup and uploaded the code. When I plug in into the USB I see ISO 14... Failed. So I know that the code work and the LCD can light up.

2) When I try with the car, the LCD doesn't even raise up. I have check the the Multimeter (I am newby) and if I put the probe to the 9v and to its ground I see 0.785 (I have put the Multimeter to 20). When I try to check the 5V of Arduino the number are very small!... seem to be a power problem somewhere...

Edit: I have plug a 9v battery instead of the power of the car and the LCD open but I have a message that it fails. It seems that the problem is between the car and the electronic because 1) not enought power 2) transmission fail.

If anyone have some tips I will be glad to hear.

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