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Originally Posted by ChopsQube View Post
Actually, I just figured out the CdA of the Cube a couple hours ago and it's not 9.48, it's 8.51.
Well, here's my method. That's height times width times Cd times packing factor. The only one I didn't google for was the packing factor, which is a guesstimate. 0.84 is what I usually use for most sedans, wagons, and trucks, but I figure the Cube fills out its frontal area a little better than most.

With a p.f. of 0.84, you get CdA = 8.85 ft².

I don't like picking on the newcomer, but I would like to hear where our calculations differ.

In any case, it's got aerodynamics somewhere between that of a minivan and a midsized car.
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