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Our tax dollar at work.

I just got pulled over riding my motorcycle at 2am going to the gas station for not using a turn signal in the middle of nowhere with no traffic. I had a blast with the cop, I tried to explain him why I didn't use hand signals at 2am with no cars around while making a turn on a bumpy road, hello safety. He proceeded to ask me all kind of stupid questions what year the bike is, where and from where I am coming from, for a moment I thought he was going to accuse me of stealing something, how long I've had the bike. He ran my plates, license and told me that he was going to do me a big favor and let me go. Haha, I told him to not do me any favors, give me a ticket or get the **** out of here, quit wasting my time and our tax dollars, find something else to do and get a brain. And if he's was going to write me a ticket I would go to court and make him look like a fool in front of a judge for obvious reasons. Can't stand those lazy fat *******s, we're fighting a war over oil in the middle east, and those fat *******s just sit in their cars with a/c on wasting gas that we have to pay for. They should get them bicycles and no free food.

Sorry for the rant.

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