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So, what's the point?

I just basically wasted a few minutes reading this thread to see if anyone had a legitimate complaint.

I have to come down on the cop's side here. Yeah many of them were bored, between calls where people have guns. No doubt they all approached your vehicles with that thought in mind. Some of them were actually curious about what you were doing and why you had modified your vehicle. That may be why they asked so many questions. They may not appear to be friendly but once they percieve no threat from you, that is their friendly mode. Just the facts.

Yes there are cops out there that believe their **** doesnt stink and they are on this earth to save us from ourselves according to their own beliefs.

Those of you "hypermilers" that believe stopping at stop signs or red lights is for stupid people, you deserve to get a ticket. I have seen many of you lately. I thought maybe you were stupid or texting but now realize you are looking at your instrumentation. Glance to the left, blow the red light, swerve to the center turn lane then back to the left lane and go back to looking at the instrument, ignoring that you may have blown someone else's FE by causing them to brake for you. It doesn't matter does it? Your own FE was not impacted and if some stupid cop saw it, they are violating your rights. To hell with others, my FE and personal rights are paramount. Those other people can "suck on a donut"
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