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Those of you "hypermilers" that believe stopping at stop signs or red lights is for stupid people, you deserve to get a ticket. I have seen many of you lately. I thought maybe you were stupid or texting but now realize you are looking at your instrumentation. Glance to the left, blow the red light, swerve to the center turn lane then back to the left lane and go back to looking at the instrument, ignoring that you may have blown someone else's FE by causing them to brake for you. It doesn't matter does it? Your own FE was not impacted and if some stupid cop saw it, they are violating your rights. To hell with others, my FE and personal rights are paramount. Those other people can "suck on a donut"
Gee, your rant sounds like you have a prejudicial animosity against scan gauge owners.

Assuming you'll never buy one, maybe someday you'll be lucky enough to win a scan gauge in a contest. Maybe you'll find it is informative and useful. Maybe you'll use it wisely and never be distracted by it - or by your car radio, or by anything else in your car... or your life.

I have seen many of you lately.
Um, if you are peering into other people's cars while you are driving to see if they have a scan gauge, you yourself might very likely become distracted while driving, and who knows what that may lead to?

"People who live in glass houses..."
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