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not sure if the latest release has data restore from eeprom, but you dont need to dump the entire RAM --- only the current & tank data structures (64 bytes each, or whatever).

if you're storing your car, shouldn't you unplug the battery anyways? your clock & radio & alarm will drain it more than the 'guino.

i disagree that waking from sleep would be detrimental to microsecond-level data collection. Over a full tank run, each wake-up would cause you to lose, at worst, 0.5-sec of cranking data. In a word: "negligible". Sometimes, depending on your wheel position, simply turning the key "On" will trigger a VSS change, and thus, a wakeup. if you also have the habit of waiting 2 sec for your fuel pump to prime, your guino will be wide awake & ready for pulses before the cranking starts.

Anyways, the 20ma is also negligible. I would just do the auto save/restore from eeprom, and just unplug it if power drain is ever a concern. I'd implement the save/restore anyhow, moreso to prevent total data loss from unexpected resets or whatnot.
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