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Calm down.

You take things way to seriously.

Originally Posted by Thymeclock View Post
If you believe that, you must be profoundly ignorant. Read historical accounts about what train travel was like with wood burning locomotives. Read accounts of what living in any city was like with FAR dirtier forms of heating. Horse manure in the streets was not pleasant to live with. People died much younger than today and rarely went to doctors. Cancer itself was not known as a diagnosis, so it is an assumption to think that cancer did not exist then. No one knows whether people might have died of it or not. As most people today tend to do, you are viewing the past through rose-colored glasses.

Oil causes WAR? Wars have existed since the beginning of time. You can blame human nature for that, not oil.

So you are insinuating that oil causes poverty too? You can blame politics and government policies for that. Oil does not cause inflation, government does - they print what is in your wallet!

So if it is so terrible, move someplace else.
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