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Dear ChedMpls: I built this controller, but I used a Weller soldering station. On the internet, these sell for almost new list price. What a rip-off. But since the Weller tip is temperature controlled, I assume that when I put it on the power semiconductor legs, it greatly increased the heat to bring the parts to 700 deg. I had no problem at 700 deg. All normal soldering is done at 700 deg. You dont want more than 700 deg. You can lift the clad off the board! It's only glued on. You can damage semiconductors with too much heat, or with holding the iron on too long. Just look at the data sheet of semiconductors. But getting to your problem: first, you might have a pencil point tip that doesn't transfer heat thru such a tiny tip, second, you may have an oxide covered tip. You have to wipe the tip on a wet sponge often, to wipe of any oxidation, or CRUD. Lastly, sad to say, you may not have an iron that holds 700 deg, either due to poor or non-existant temperature control, or the heating element isn't as large as a Weller. Also, in the instructions, it says to use a 180-250 iron to solder some large stuff. Read your directions. If you need a large iron for these steps, you can use it for the legs. The instructions call out 180 watts, min. I used a 100/140 watt duel heat Weller gun, and hade no problem. Kindest regards, Williamson
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