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Want to make a 1000A controller quick and easy?
Buy a LogiSystems 156V, 1000A unit second hand - there must be lots for sale out there for very little money! - take it to bits and throw away the control board. You are left with the power section which comprises 31 x 220uF x 250V caps, some 24 or 25 600V x 50A (at 100 deg C) IGBTs and a similar number of 600V 50A diodes all bolted to a heat spreader/heat sink. About $500 worth of parts all connected up and ready to go!
Build an OpenRevolt controller, figure out how to mount it (the original LS case is too small) and also mount the current sensor and you are away!
Might have to change the current sensor electronics to go to 1000A, but the semiconductors will do it.
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