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I have read the whole thread over a few nights, very interesting. I live in Ontario as well and I want what you have built, which is basically a NEV. If I could drive one on the streets here, I would probably just buy a used GEM on ebay and be done with it.

I am wondering if that was your motivation as well?

Have you put any thought into upgrading the batteries in a few years if Lithium batteries become cheaper and more widely available (I guess they would have to be really cheap to fit the "forkenswift model")?

I was thinking of doing a conversion like yours, but making sure that the motor was capable of higher voltage/amps with the idea that I would upgrade the batteries in a few years and have a very capable car. It seems that most parts are easily upgradeable, but the engine might be the hardest.

I am now officially "keeping an eye out" for a donor car. I was thinking a 1990's Mercedes 190E
They weight about 2700 lbs but I imagine there is a lot you could do to reduce that weight and it could carry a lot batteries. Also RWD which I believe is a plus.
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