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Originally Posted by ChedMpls View Post
ok vias i get that

for chips the dot seems to align with the square layout hole, any special significance of the square holes (pos, neg?)
U11 (photorelay optocoupler) has two stamped dots (small and large) and one printed dot. The big stamped dot and the printed dot are in the same corner. I'll assume that's the dotted corner that goes in square layout hole (closest to silk-screened notch on pcb).

Fox Crystal goes whichever way (no polarity?)?
The square holes just mean PIN 1. No polarity on the fox crystal. Have U11 so that the more slanted side is facing toward all the gate resistor holes, and the tan big dot is closest to the notch on the outline on the pcb. The big tan dot indicates PIN 1. So just make sure it's right where the square pin is (the lower left).
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