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I had a '71 while in college. I'll never miss that car. Mavericks are crap: bad visibility, etc.

Recently got rid of a '79 Fairmont with the 200-6. Changed over to a progressive carb (off of a GM 2.8 V6 as I recall) and mileage improved. Crappy car, as with any Falcon derivative (brakes and front end). Not many speed parts (see CLIFFORD), but there is some effort being expended online. I also changed over to FORD ignition box that had some benefit (high altitude?). Not much better as a car than the Maverick.

The motor is not in the same class as the Mopar Slant Six, but, as a tractor motor you can probably improve steady state mpg as with suggestions above in re tuning, etc. It is heavy compared to an only slightly heavier 302-V8 where a door is opened to MANY more possibilities to play with in re mpg.

Frankly, the best way -- probably the only way -- to get money out of this car is to make it stone-axe reliable.

I like 6's to no end. But not this one.
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