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The point is that grams of carbon per mile for gasoline is usually just counting the carbon contained within the gasoline -- and leaves out the carbon it took to obtain the oil and make it into gasoline; which may be as much as 50% as much as what is in the gasoline.

If it takes 7.5kWh of electricity (plus some natural gas, too) to refine one gallon of gasoline from petroleum -- then why don't we just use the 7.5kWh directly in an EV?

7.5kWh of electricity could move and EV anywhere from 30 to 60 miles or so.

If you put the gasoline in a car that get the national average of 25mpg, you only go 25 miles -- and you should also count the 7.5kWh against that, too. Which lowers the MPGe of the ICE car even further; and it raises the carbon emission to levels far higher than the EV, obviously.

And that is only the energy it took to refine the petroleum -- in reality, you should also count all the other energy inputs to produce the gasoline!

So, an EV is going to be much, much more efficient than a ICE. And using a lot of EV's will likely reduce the overall load on the electrical grid.
Sincerely, Neil
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