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Scotty, Give me more power

I need some suggestions on controller settings. Using RTD Explorer, the graph shows close following of the red throttle line by the heavy blue line, cf? LEM reporting of amps flowing through the M- copper buss bar? There is a faint blue
line battery amps?, that ramps up at a 45 degree angle at the same time that the other two go vertical when I floor it. It doesn't ever get as high as the throttle or heavy blue line. I have acquired some degree of color blindness with advancing age and I can't tell for sure if it's the battery amps or the PWM line that is so much lower than the others.
Currently KP 23 KI 5 C-RR 6 Don't remember what T-POS and PWM are.Sorry.
6 miles on flat ground is about the max range without limping home at a crawl.
I start out in first gear and shift at 25, it will continue to accelerate in second.
This morning I went up a steep hill, from a stop, accelerated, shifted and kept accelerating. Pretty happy with that.
What I want to understand is which parameters are most important to turn on the amps more quickly. Thanks

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