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roadkill17 - thanks for the 'shop work, lovin' the moon-eyes! I like the looks of that kammback, and I've been checking out the build thread that MetroMPG has been kind enough to share. Maybe it's time to try out my own fabrication chops. I have little experience with fibreglass, but have been itching for a project for a while.

bhazard - great work with the grill block and chin spoiler (is that coroplast?). I was looking at the grill today, and I wonder if I might take the stock grill out altogether and start from scratch with cardboard to both block the wind from entering the engine bay, and maybe try to help it get up over the blunt nose. The rad is so small and tucked way over on the driver's side, clearly I can cover at least half the current opening and not cause any loss of cooling ability.

bwarchitect - I definitely want to run a tank or two through her before I start serious modifications, just to set the baseline. My most common commute (not always predictable) is about 70km that I can choose either Interstate-style highway or county roads. I've always gotten better mileage no matter what vehicle I'm driving by taking the county roads route, even just because I can keep the speed down safely. Plus it has more slight rises and dips that I can coast in.

This is a fun project, I should be getting the ownership transfer and licensing all sorted out tomorrow, then let the fun begin!

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