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New Member Greetings! 1997 Honda Civic HX

After some initial lurking around here and seeing the results you all have been getting, I decided to give this a try!

I have a 200 mile per day commute and even though I was gentle, my Subaru WRX could only squeeze out 29-30mpg... So, I figured I'd try the HX Civic. I have to say that I've been pretty impressed so far... If I drive 80 I get between 36-38mpg. However, if I take it easy and stick to between 65-70mph, I'm averaging 40-45mpg! I purchased a Scanguage but I'm not sure what the benefit of it is except to tell me that my speedo is off by 4mph...

So far, all I've done to this car is change out all the wheel bearings, all the brakes, rotors and drums, and add some new tires... Plugs are NGK and look fine, wires look original but I've had no issues... I've also removed the spare and jack for some minor weight savings.

I've been wanting to try and retrofit some cruise control as my foot gets tired during thoses 1.5 hour stretches...

My goal is a measly 50mpg.. (measly by the standards set here... )

I have yet to try overinflating my tires (that's next)

Short of stripping the car and removing a/c and stereo (which won't happen) does anyone see where I might do something different? Driving slower than 65mph is not feasable for me...

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