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Originally Posted by RobertSmalls View Post
...Do you plan to add some kind of access door to get at the hatch switch and lock cylinder?...

The goal is to keep the car as stock as possible when making any of these changes, so they can more easily be undone if necessary.

So there will be a hatch that opens to the rear of the car and gain access to the normal hatchback and key-lock.

Unless someone has any other ideas, the plan is to use silicone caulk to create a tight fitting assembly into the tail light socket area that is held in with various screws.

The wood screws are mounted almost 90 to the normal force direction, and that should keep these fasteners in "shear" more than in "tension". This orientation will minimize the possibility of simply pulling the fastener right through the sheet metal under high force.

I do like your idea of getting more sheet metal involved though.

It makes sense to look at options that would mount a 2x4 piece of lumber sideways across the sheet metal that runs under the rear hatch glass in the area where the top of the plastic bumper guard ran.

If the wood in the tail light socket area were to come loose, at least the long 2x4 wood would hopefully give enough support to still keep the extension attached to the car.

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