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Originally Posted by LostCause View Post
I see it as a good thing. Rather than creating "performance" hybrids that do very little for fuel economy, they'll hopefully focus on true efficiency.

- LostCause
I don't mind performance driven hybrids.... It's a cash crop - plus it introduces the tech into the culture. Anytime someone says EV's are slow, I send them to watch the wrightspeed X1 toast every car it meets.... We can't expect everyone to willing switch off of fossil sludge immediatly, there must be a transition. Are hybrids that transition? Perhaps - but I don't see anything better at the moment...

Diesels are great - but it's a case of the grass is greener... Sure, 60mpg... But it's still fossil based and we can't afford to switch everyone over to diesel - you can't convert a whole barrel of oil into diesel.... Diesels, in my opinion, are mostly a lateral step in the grand scheme of things...

And all that said... wooo! Getting ready for the depression of the 2000's! It's one big domino effect :/
Cars have not created a new problem. They merely made more urgent the necessity to solve existing ones.
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