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Originally Posted by honestabe View Post
You've considered buying a 2001-2001 Honda Insight 5-speed and ditching all the hybrid crap so that it's just a 1 liter 3 cylinder car. And the whole time you're thinking it's the perfect body for FE.
The hybrid gubbins are around 170lbs, but they save you around 30lbs by removing the alternator and allowing a smaller 12V battery.

The system pulls its weight through the increased charging system efficiency alone. Plus the IMA motor keeps RPMs down while accelerating and makes engine restarts trivial.

Although I avoid using the regenerative brakes while doing hardcore hypermiling, you can't always hypermile in traffic. Regen makes this a very forgiving car to drive efficiently.

Now that I've owned IMA, there's no way I'd ever go back to straight ICE.

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