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To my knowledge there are three Evs driving with the Australian version of the Cougar open source controller, follow this link for a video of my test drive.
I owe thanks to the following.

Paul and Sabrina for starting the forum and to everyone all over the world who contributed and helped.
Don Saxby in Qld. for his electronic engineering skills in developing the Australian version and organising the circuit board and the power board.
Ian Bartie for his mechanical engineering expertise in developing and making available his power board kit, his machined alloy case and his pot box assembly, these have made a novice project truly professional.
My anonymous friend who came to my rescue when my electronics and soldering skills let me down.
And lastly my genetic make-up that will not let me give up.

My first attempt at making the controller failed when I connected the positive and negative the wrong way around from J5 to the power board, this caused the Pre Charge Resistor to blow, on my second attempt I wired J5 in the wrong order and blew all of the mosfets, I then had to wait almost four months to get more mosfets from International Rectifiers. After that I was not willing to trust my electronic knowledge or skills so I sent my controller to a friend to have it checked before I powered it up, he found that my soldering was not good partly due to a very poor quality solder that I was using, he rectified the faults and installed it in one of Ian Bartie's cases and sent it back to me for testing. Due to the fact that I was using a Curtis potbox assembly with a Crown pot I was not able to get the required range which for the Cougar is less than 2ohms at rest and 5000 ohms at full throttle, I could drive but only up to a reading of 1700 ohms (in my car winding up to 85 kmh at 150 amps, therefore I purchased one of Ian Barties potbox assemblys and now have the perfect EV.

I have now driven my EV with a Curtis controller for three years until it blew up due to a fault from new that progressed until it blew up after the warranty had run out. A Logisystems controller that always had a nasty jerk and after six months it blew due to my lack of maintenance causing a short which blew the controller.
The Australian version of the Cougar controller is far superior to the Curtis or Logisystems due to the fact that it is Digital whereas the Curtis and Logisystems are Analogue, this makes for a very smooth drive and of course allows you to program the controller.
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