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I just realized an exploit I am going to try. I can put freezer "gel packs" inside the webbing. I wanted to do something like this before, but I was worried that I would sit back and break the gel pack (what a mess!!!!!)

I like this original seat support idea. No a/c + vinyl upholstery = a sometimes nightmarish drive. Like today when it's cloudy, forecast for rain, way humid, and 95* out.

Hot vinyl and ice. Yeah, I remember that . . . . .

Wahl . . so the statute of limitations ran out a mighty long time ago. And as former Prez Georgie liked to indicate about "youthful indiscretions" . . . those exploits are done and buried once enough time has past.

We were leavin' Dallas one Friday night in my no-account Maverick, black vinyl seats, no A/C and temps above 105F. Pulled in to a c-store and, while I "distracted" the clerk with a beer purchase, my "associate" loaded around 300-lbs of ice onto the floorboards. (I had to carve out some space with my boot heel to drive).

That car did have kick panel vents, so on our drive to Lake Sam Rayburn we had some pretty good Aaaaa-Ceeee. Cold ones down the throat with cool feet and seat (so to speak). Adjusted the windows front and rear to maximize the vent flow at the 55 mph limit. Already had the drain plugs in the floorboards pulled. (Also legal to drink & drive back then . . just couldn't be dronk.)

Carpet/pad dried out fine afterwards . . nothing like those temps to guarantee it.

I went through those beaded seat covers pretty often. They worked on that bench seat . . . and I've never owned another car without A/C.


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