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Originally Posted by NeilBlanchard View Post
Three cables leaving the alternator and running to a gizmo with a giant heatsink... it's a three-phase AC motor with its own inverter. Same setup I've got in my car, but on a different scale. Also, I presume their inverter is 12V, thus saving the expense of a second battery.

As far as a DIY retrofit, I'm sure you could fit it to any car that has a big enough 12V battery. I assume this system does "regenerative alternatoring": charging your battery at a few hundred amps while you brake.

Just wait for someone to crash a car that has this system, then tell the U-pull that you're there to buy an alternator for your Peugeot. $15 later, you have MHYGALE (Mild HYbrid GenerALisablE).
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