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Can I build my own 12V battery charger with this?

My existing "smart" battery charger won't turn on if the battery is completely flat, and it will shut off if the car is drawing too much power. Well, I plan to run my BMS and a fan while grid charging my high voltage battery all night, and I'd like to recharge my 12V battery at the same time.

I could get a MeanWell RS-50-12 (for $23!) which can supply 4.2A @ 13.2V. However, if you ask for more power than that, as battery charging would do, it goes into hiccup mode, shutting down then powering back up. No good for powering my BMS.

If I add the current limiter illustrated here, do I then have a cheap, fast 12V float charger that doubles as a 12V power supply?

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