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the subes love the changes...
the EJ engine does not last as long, but hey..get what you want while you can.

N/A and change, oddly enough, was a must do for my own subaru. Not often does these respond to it, the subes really do. they are a conservative bunch.

Unless reminded of EA series and trochoid oil pumps. Little monsters squashed into runts for reasons I have yet to decipher.

I had to make a 90hp climb a short city onramp onto american lunacy highway..and it did it. Gave it some old fashioned american hot rod ideas. there is extra to be had from them. My own is over double what they claimed for mpg, and I am a heck of alot more power as well.

My locale hacks the hell out of the subes. Occasional exhaust troubles with laws, other than that, they just go...alot better than where it came from.
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