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Originally Posted by RobertSmalls View Post
...I think I will unbolt the center bumper cover retainer and attach the frame of my tail extension there. I will also get the bumper rebar involved. A few pieces of aluminium angle attached to those two components should be plenty to support a 3' long cargo floor with a 150lb weight capacity. This sturdy cargo area will give me plenty of rigid attachment points for the frame of the tail extension....

Is it possible to sketch up something as to what you are thinking here?

I'm having a hard time visualizing some of what you are saying.

I can imagine someone removing the aluminum bumper and attaching beams to the same points were the bumper used to be, but would also imagine that this support would act somewhat like a diving board and flex up/down over bumps in the road, especially if it were 3 feet long.

This flex would then mean that the normal gap between the extension and existing bodywork at the tail would need to be larger to accommodate the movement.

Maybe you have something else in mind to make the assembly more rigid?


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