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I will definitely be leaving all of the original crash structure in place, including the bumper rebar. Instead of removing it that bar, I'm going to drill into it and attach a three foot long cargo floor, framed in 0.125"x1" Al L-channel. Interestingly, the bumper rebar is already at the end of a three foot long "diving board" of aluminium honeycomb, so a three foot extension would make a six foot cantilevered beam. To add rigidity to it, I will make a few triangles between it and the strong location just above your center lumber, where Honda has provided three threaded holes in strong sheet metal.

Additional truss members will be required to give the desired result. I'll just have to keep adding until it feels rigid enough.

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This appears to be one of those threads that will get very interesting, very quickly. Keep up the great work, and I look forward to more pictures. I am fascinated at the usage of lumber in the construction of aero mods.
I am anxiously awaiting the completion of an Insight tail extension, whether Jim's meticulous work in fiberglass, Jim E's cardboard prototype, or my own coroplast + Al tail. What kind of fuel economy is an Insight really capable of?
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