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Originally Posted by RobertSmalls View Post
I needed a 12V*1A power supply to run my computers and battery fan anyway, so instead I ordered the 4A model, and we'll see if I can get it to charge my 12V too.

It is a deep cycle battery, rated for 1000 cycles (4yrs here) to 50% capacity at 50% DoD, so I try not to discharge it too deeply. The datasheet says I can float charge it at 13.1V indefinitely, and I could do that with this power supply.
The float voltage changes with temperature and better chargers will adjust based on temp. I remember 13.8V being the safe voltage at room temp (25 deg C I'm guessing)

One can never have enough power supplies. Batteries and power supplies are my vice. Came across a good deal on 12V 1KW power supplies on Ebay a few years ago. Still haven't used them yet

Edit: Did some googling. 13.8V is too high for batteries that are seldom discharged. Here's a good page on it. Also talks about equalization charges.
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