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Originally Posted by RobertSmalls View Post
I am anxiously awaiting the completion of an Insight tail extension, whether Jim's meticulous work in fiberglass, Jim E's cardboard prototype, or my own coroplast + Al tail. What kind of fuel economy is an Insight really capable of?
Well the fuel economy is pretty well studied over on CleanMPG. In the warm months, with grill guard and block heater, at 36-38 mph, the car can fairly easily achieve 100 mpg on a no traffic type road.

Of course, that speed is too low for aero work. My own testing leads me to believe that the baseline fuel economy on my 06 MT is about 95 mpg at 55mph on an interstate round trip circuit. I've pretty much commited to 60 MPH testing, so I still have some testing to do.
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