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Real Driving Enviroment

Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
Here's a question, XFi:

A determined hypermiler could probably achieve double the car's EPA combined rating with the car in its current, unmodified form (well, with a few prep. items like tire pressure...)

Now, that kind of feat could only be achieved at a pretty low average speed, in ideal conditions where the driver could operate more or less unmolested by other traffic.

But it does make me think the "doubling" requirement might need some context...

Under what kind of conditions are you striving for 58 mpg? If it's @ a steady 75 mph on the freeway, you may be in trouble. But if you'll deem 58 mpg @ 45 mph avg speed a success on a rolling country road, that's a horse of a different colour.
My goal IS to double the MPG in real world driving. Let me explain that comment...
When I say 'real world', I am meaning 'my real driving environment'. This would be a mix of Highway and City driving. It is everyday commuting. It is stop and go. It is all weather conditions. It is all speeds. It is with traffic. It will not be 'ideal mpg conditions' by any means. I drive a lot for work and sometimes a good bit of it is at highway speeds. If I drove in Ideal conditions ONLY, you are right, I could probably hit this with very few modifications.

Highway mileage will be hard to hit, but I will meet a 60mpg average with this vehicle. If I drop lower on the Highway, I will make up for it in town.

More than my mpg goals, this contest is to get people involved. It is an exercise to get people thinking about what small changes can be done, and to see that numerous small changes CAN add up to BIG changes in fuel consumption. It is not meant to be a cutthroat competition, but a fun way to share ideas with each other, then to see them implemented on this EcoModded Ride!
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