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Originally Posted by Bennett_Racing View Post
Sorry I should of said that we can't change the overall shape of the body mainly adding to it.

One thing we did think was to add some pieces, where the bump is on the 'bonnet' so that it goes right to the edge to meet the outer edge of the windscreen. that make sense?
If the windscreen/A-pillar weren't so generous in radius I'd say go ahead and push the blister out to the edges,but from the photos she looks really slick and don't think you'd see improvement at the trap.
The blower and bug-catcher can be extremely dirty and a lot of guys at Bonneville are finding more speed with the pro-comp type aero scoop/fairing covering the whole shebang.
The headers are also a source for interference drag,both from the structure itself and from the exhaust blast.You might look at some of the P-51 Mustangs which run the Reno,Nevada air races and look at how they configure their exhaust.If the epoxy finish can't handle the Btus,you could skin the affected area with stainless.
Safety/directional stability is your biggest concern at the speeds you run.
I was looking at photos of the Crash of the Chicken Hawk.They lost a freeze plug,squirted the tires,and got sideways;went over and 'inside' the guardrails for a total wreck.Driver went to the hospital.That was at only 111 mph!
I'd be tempted to maintain the wide boot ( no tapering ) just to have the drogue effect of the wider transom back there,helping to keep the car straight in the lane.
One day they may have a rate-gyro to automatically fire the chutes if a car gets sideways.I suspect the drivers are already plenty absorbed,concentrating on going 'forwards.'
Race safe!
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