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From the Consumer Reports website:

The new formulations seem to be working: Both new tire models fared well; the Michelin (Energy Saver A/S) was exceptional. It not only had the lowest rolling resistance of any allseason tire we’ve tested but also scored Very Good in dry and wet braking. It ranks second among all T-rated all-season tires.

The Cooper (GFE) finished midpack in the group. Its rolling resistance was not as low as the Michelin’s, but it performed well in all-weather grip, hydroplaning resistance, and emergency handling.

By comparison, the Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max, the model that had the lowest rolling resistance in our November 2009 test (available to subscribers), rated somewhat lower among the highly competitive performance H-rated tires, though it performed well in most respects and displayed decent allweather grip.
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