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Originally Posted by bennelson View Post
I think most people here are modding small gasoline cars.

I am very interested in biodiesel and waste vegetable oil conversion but would want to do it with a small pickup truck or some other utilitarian, yet still fuel efficient vehicle.

Getting pretty hard to find Rabitt pickup trucks nowadays!

I have met a local restaurant owner who has a large Dodge diesel pickup truck. I believe he was just adding filtered waste oil directly into his tank as a blend to petro diesel to thin it out.

He hasn't had any trouble with it. Pretty bold to do that with a big fancy new truck.
Plenty of Rabbit trucks for the picking on the Craigslist's westcoast. Checkout

I'd prefer a VW too, but people seem to price gouge with the Rabbits and Golfs. I'm not going to tolerate that when I can do the same thing for a cheaper platform (Mercedes 200d/240d). While I will be sacrificing sport and MPG for this.
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