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Originally Posted by jim-frank View Post
I haven't read any comments on the retro analog approach, either. Something similar to an old tachometer circuit, using a bridge to balance injector pulsewidth against vehicle speed, maybe.
I don't know if anybody has seen the new Lexus sportscar but
it has really cool analog retro dials. Well, actually they are
digital because analog can't keep up with the motor lol..

An arduino could probably run a color LCD such as:

SparkFun Electronics - Color 24-Bit LCD 4.3" PSP Touch Screen

a cool analog display I am sure could be done..

The other thing is RGB LEDs. Don't know if people have
seen them. They are cool for doing mood lighting.

The pruis and honda whatever-it-is has these and they
go green when driving nice and orange when you push
the motor a bit.

My 12v RGB led strip has three wires, one for each color
and just needs PWM to vary the color. I'm just using some
resistors for now until I plug the duino to it.

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