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Thanks! I'm saving that bottom image as a template for proposals on other vehicles as well, if you don't mind.

I can't wait to see how this body turns out when I finally build it. Given that my job situation has gone bad this year and I need an income source once again before I can spend large sums of money, my Triumph is going to be on the road initially as a 72V conversion; with the right amount of drag reduction and an added 5th gear, 80+ mph is not out of the question, when the norm for a 72V conversion is around 50-60 mph top speed(some 72V examples have exceeded 70 mph, but are not the norm).

The first aeromods that I'm going to permanently install are going to go on my Benz, but I have no way to conveniently measure distance any longer due to a gear set in my odometer having broken. I can, however, plan some long trips beforehand and map the route on google, from one fuel station to another, and fill it up at the very first station, as I have done in the past to get data.

My main concern is figuring out how to attach them with minimal intrusiveness into my car's body. I'm probably going to have to drill holes on the Benz too; I don't mind much, considering I got the car for $1,200, someone was allegedly murdered in it before I bought it, and it's seen its share of hookers courtesy of the previous owner! I'm not intent on restoring it to mint condition...
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