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The original 1964 Ford Mustang, at 2,570 lbs, would almost make that list if sold today; it has a body made out of heavy steel with a cast iron engine.

My Triumph GT6 is lighter than any of the cars on that list, also made of heavy steel with a cast iron engine block. Stock, they are 1,783 lbs dry weight, with a 403 lb engine block!

It is quite sad that today, cars with ABS plastic and fiberglass body pieces end up weighing MORE than the steel-bodied cars of 40+ years ago...

It figures as much; I've seen cars that lost more than 400 lbs or more by stripping out all of that useless dead weight in the interior and replacing the seats with aftermarket. A lot of the weight in cars today is unnecessary and non-functional.

Thankfully, there are kitcars like the Fisher Fury, when outfitted with a Hayabusa motorcycle engine, end up weighing less than 900 lbs...
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