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Originally Posted by DonR View Post
I assume by wheel spats that AeroModder is referring to bodywork that covers the openings in the body for the arches. Sometimes referred to as wheel skirts.

I would try to smooth out what appear "headlight pockets" in the front. As well as any recessed pockets.

I noticed the vertical rear edges are rounded. I believe it is an excepted truth that making these a sharp edge produces less drag. By allowing the airflow to seperate more cleanly reducing weird vortex generation. Extensions here could be straight back or angled slightly with a transition radius. This would give a very small Kammback affect.

Are you allowed to create venturi tunnels on the bottom of the car to utilize the ground affect? If you are you may consider using this to supplement the downforce from the rest of the body & rear spoiler/wing. It would require a smooth undertray opening at the front of the car as well as some side skirting (may be able to use existing bodywork). Please note this is very ride height dependant.

Which edges do you mean? We are yet to add spill plates to the rear, like photo here.

No nothing allowed under the car sadly, we can run a belly pan though so will make a new one of those.
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