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I can't really see what you did around the axles and wheels.

I would love to have an inflatable airplane.

Document sans titre

Woopy-Fly Inflatable Wing Aircraft

Im imagining some sort of shape memory alloy springs that when heated shrinks the inflatable truck tail like accordion or roll up the tail like a sleeping bag. Or a rope that pulls the tail up and over the vehicle. Realistically i would probably get out and fold it up on the street before i entered a parking lot lol.

The current cap is a foot taller than the cab, im going to try and buy a used utility cap, i would like to have the flip up sides and not have the equipment so visible though big glass windows. Some of those utilty caps dont have a radius on the rear and top corners. Sharp edges are bad right? A shorter cap level with the cab would reduce rear area by 4sq feet.

a 2"f/4"r lowering kit would be very pricey but i could lower the rear 2" with a $60 pair of drop shackles if that would be a good idea. I'd probably have the clearance above the diffuser to do it.

I wish the truck had one of those engines that shuts off half of the 8 cylinders while cruising.

Yes i could attach the tail to the trailer hitch or flip up cap door, roof racks etc. I wonder how much a 5ft long tail would reduce cd and improve mpg at 65mph?

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