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Originally Posted by JasonG View Post
The first thing I noticed is where the hood rise meets the cowl there is a pocket on each side that could be radiused.

Second, where do the tires sit in relation to the rear fenders? They should be farther in then the leading fender. The rear of the front wheel opening is a goo example of an exit curve. I believe the rear lugs shall be accessible, so full covers are out.

You will have to watch your hinges and tilt angle but try and clean up the rear underbody. It will reduce drag and add a little downforce.
Thanks again all for the replies.

Which bit can be radiased? Can you show on photo?

Photo above will give idea where the rear tyres sit. Does it help?

I understand the term exit curve now, also the front have a 'flare' to it also. This should help too.

When you say clean up the rear underbody? Do you mean for air to exit from under the car cleanly?
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